NATA Partners to Provide e-PPE as New Member Service

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NATA Partners to Provide e-PPE as New Member Service


DALLAS, June 25, 2010– The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) announced a new member service agreement today with PrivIT Healthcare, Inc., to deliver a Web-based electronic pre-participation evaluation – or e-PPE, which is based on the new 4th Edition medical standards.

The PrivIT e-PPE provides a paperless process for the collection and storage of pre-participation evaluation forms and health history questionnaires required by state athletic associations and sport governing bodies nationwide. It specializes in streamlining the process by which the AT collects, maintains and distributes an athlete’s medical information. The tool provides a HIPAA/FERPA secure method of storing the information, yet allows the athletic trainer to share details with team and primary care physicians and school nurses.

“We strive to provide our members the highest standard of innovative services that will allow them to deliver the best health care to their student athletes while also making their lives easier,” said NATA President Marje Albohm, MS, ATC. “ATs spend too many hours deciphering unreadable paper PPE forms that are incomplete. This is time away from providing important medical coverage to our teams.”

With the e-PPE recommended by NATA, a simple Internet connection will allow the athlete and his/her parent to privately and securely input and store protected health information in preparation for their annual physical examination. The tool provides end-to-end security and privacy that exceeds standards set forth by HIPAA, FERPA, PIPEDA and the National Institutes of Health. By retaining ownership of the data, the athlete is always in control of this information, and only releases it to the athletic trainer as required.

“PrivIT e-PPE has changed the way we manage the PPE process,” said Bill Dexter, MD, director of Sports Medicine at Maine Medical Center, professor of family medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, adjunct professor of sports medicine at the University of Southern Maine and coauthor of the PPE 4 consensus statement.   “The e-PPE leaves no stone unturned; it is very comprehensive and provides the physician with knowledge of pertinent medical history well in advance of the physical examination.”

PrivIT has developed and extensively tested the e-PPE for the last six years. However, it was recently upgraded to meet the specific needs of athletic trainers through a product development partnership with the sports medicine program at Stanford University, with unprecedented results. An article on the results was published in the April 2010 NATA News.

“With several critical strategic initiatives on the immediate horizon of the NATA, coupled with the de-identified data mining capabilities of e-PPE, we felt a relationship was not only imminent, but ultimately essential for the long term direction of the athletic training profession,” said Scott Anderson MA, ATC, head athletic trainer at Stanford University. “We are certain that the e-PPE will both improve the quality of health information and quality of life for NATA members for years to come.”

About NATA

National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) – Health Care for Life & Sport: Athletic trainers are health care professionals who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and sport-related illnesses. They prevent and treat chronic musculoskeletal injuries from sports, physical and occupational activity, and provide immediate care for acute injuries. Athletic trainers offer a continuum of care that is unparalleled in health care. The National Athletic Trainers' Association represents and supports 32,000 members of the athletic training profession. NATA supports the Athletic Trainers’ Equal Access to Medicare Act (H.R. 1137). Visit

About PrivIT

PrivIT Healthcare Inc.: Established in Canada in 1999, PrivIT Healthcare Inc. is in the business of providing high-quality technical expertise to the health care and medical communities. PrivIT specializes in building and maintaining HIPAA patient privacy rule and Canadian legislation-compliant Web application software and hardware solutions.

About e-PPE

Electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation: The electronic pre-participation evaluation – e-PPE – is an online medical questionnaire that can identify symptoms of health problems that may pose a risk for an athlete participating in sport and exercise. Developed and tested by sports medicine experts and used by thousands of high-level athletes, the e-PPE is now available to individual athletes, athletic trainers, team physicians, primary care physicians and sports administrators.

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