BOC Announces Two New Directors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 10, 2005 – Omaha, NE – Today, the BOC formally announces Dr. Vito Anthony Perriello, Jr. as Physician Director-Elect and Jerry Diehl as Public Director- Elect. Their terms begin in July. Dr. Vito Anthony Perriello, Jr. resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with wife Linda and their four children, Elizabeth, Vito III, Paige and Thomas. Dr. Perriello works for the Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville, LLC and comes to the Board of Certification with extensive Board and committee involvement such as the Hospital BOD, US Lacrosse executive committee and he served as a reviewer for the Journal of Athletic Training for NATA to name only a few. Jerry Diehl lives in Zionsville, Indiana with wife Nell and has a daughter, Courtney. He is an assistant director for the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) since 1997. Jerry Diehl is no stranger to sports committees. He has served on many rules committees including soccer baseball and wrestling, as well as being a committee chair for the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, part of the NFHS and the voice of high school athletic directors across the nation. Denise Fandel, BOC Executive Director says: "The BOC is pleased to welcome Dr. Perriello and Mr. Diehl to the Board of Directors. Their backgrounds and experience ensure solid leadership for the BOC in the future. They follow Dr. Steven Anderson and Mr. Bruce Patrick as Physician and Public Directors respectively. Both Steve and Bruce have contributed greatly to the BOC as a whole and specifically to the Board of Directors." The Board of Certification (BOC), a national credentialing agency, has been certifying Athletic Trainers and identifying for the public, quality healthcare professionals with certainty since 1969. Over 29,000 individuals have earned the ATC® credential worldwide. The BOC is headquartered at 4223 S. 143 rd Circle, Omaha, Nebraska 68137. For more information call (877) 262-3926 or visit our Web site at

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