Finance Committee


This committee is comprised of current and former board members. The number of members shall be determined and appointed by the president. The president will appoint a member of the Finance Committee to serve as chair with board approval.

Term of Office

The chair and members serve one-year, renewable terms at the recommendation of the president with board approval.


Oversee Association finances and investment program.


  1. Examine monthly financial statements to keep apprised of the Association’s current financial standing and investments.
  2. Review the proposed annual operating budget presented by the executive director. After appropriate revisions, the committee recommends the budget to the board of directors for approval.
  3. Determine registration, exhibit and other fees for the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia.
  4. Review the Association’s financial policies and recommend changes to the board of directors. (See Appendix B)
  5. Review the draft audit before it is finalized and presented to the board.
  6. The chair will perform other duties as needed to comply with Form 990 regulations.

FC Documents

Committee Meeting 1/2011 (Committee Access Only)

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