EDAC - Get Involved

The following represent a few of the many things that can be done to help increase ethnic diversity in the profession: Speak Out! We need to know how ethnically and culturally diverse members are faring as students,
certification candidates and certified athletic trainers in various settings.

Participate In Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee Activities:

Attend Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee sessions and meetings at the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium

Communicate issues and concerns to your Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee district liaisons

Create opportunities for ethnically and culturally diverse individuals to enter and advance within the profession.

Create networks and mentoring programs to open doors to jobs and promotions

Help candidates find existing grant and scholarship programs

Identify and eliminate barriers to entry into the profession for ethnically diverse individuals and create opportunities for ethnic and cultural diversity within the NATA

Ensure that the criteria for jobs, scholarships, honors and advancement are free of discriminatory effects

Address perceptions and cultural differences that adversely affect ethnically diverse certified athletic trainers.

Provide money!

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