Executive Committee for Education


This committee is comprised of up to ten voting members, including the Education Council committee chairs, council leaders and at-large members. The terms of committee members are determined by their term as committee chair or council leader. At-large members serve a one-year term that may be renewed twice. Three groups fall under the Executive Committee for Education umbrella: the Continuing Education Committee, the Post-Professional Education Council and the Professional Education Council.

Administrative Office

NATA funds an administrative office for the Executive Committee for Education. NATA does not reimburse indirect institutional overhead such as office space, electricity or similar costs.


Oversee matters related to athletic training education.


  1. Facilitate quality entry-level, graduate and continuing athletic training education.
  2. Coordinate the delivery of educational programming for the profession of athletic training.
  3. Serve as a resource to groups interested in athletic training education.
  4. Maintain a dialogue with its CAATE and BOC liaisons on accreditation and certification matters affecting athletic training education.

ECE Documents

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