2015 Call for Proposals

2015 Call For Proposals

Submission forms will be available the first week of April 2014. Listed below is all information you will need to prepare your submission. The deadline for submitting a proposal is July 16, 2014. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2015 NATA Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposia, June 23-26, 2015 in St. Louis, MO! The NATA Convention Program Committee oversees development of the educational program, which consists of Committee-developed programming AND proposal submissions.
We welcome proposal submissions from NATA members and nonmembers for the following program formats. Be sure to read the proposal guidelines for each program format prior to submission. A non-refundable Proposal Submission Fee applies: $25 NATA Members/$50 NATA Nonmembers (not including NATA Committees or Affiliates).
There are three categories of proposals under which you can submit for educational programming at the NATA Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposia:

  1. Clinical Evidenced Based Practice - Clinical Evidence Based Practice Programs are to be organized around a clinically oriented topic and must be designed in a way that reflects the basic principles of Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) (e.g. glenohumeral assessment, ACL rehabilitation, sport-related concussion) All clinically-oriented proposals must be developed and presented in accordance with the principles of Evidence Based Medicine http://www.cebm.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/CEBM-Levels-of-Evidence-2.1.pdf
  2. Foundations of Evidence Based Practice - Foundations of EBP are programs organized around the topic of and must address theoretic or practical aspects of EBP, EBP knowledge gaps, or the application of topics relevant to EBP, such as critical appraisal, or statistical analysis. Programming in this category is intended to promote EBP within the profession by enhancing a clinician’s ability to find and evaluate evidence, and apply it to their clinical practice.
  3. Non-Patient Oriented - Non-Patient Oriented may include, but is not limited, to the following topics: Job interview skills, education strategies, administration, technology, leadership, etc.

The category descriptions below are used internally by the CPC to maintain a balance of educational offerings in the program. The requirement for identifying levels of evidence and key references in the submission process reflect our efforts to enhance the presenter’s proactivity in building a proposal based on current evidence. Proposals being submitted through this portal will not automatically be submitted for the BOC EBP Category review process. The CPC may elect to invite specific proposals to pursue this option at a later time.


Feature Presentations 2 hours 1-3 Lecture Only FP Guidelines
Learning Labs 2 hours 1 Lecturer/Lab Leader & 2nd Lab Leader 1-Hour Lecture & 1-Hour Lab (attendees split into two groups/labs) LL Guidelines
Special Topics
(formerly known as Workshops)
1 hour 1 Lecture & Discussion ST Guidelines
Researchers’ Forum 2 hours 3 Lecture and Q&A RF Guidelines
Evidence-Based Forums 1 hour 2 Panelists Discussion EBF Guidelines

We welcome the following proposal submissions BY INVITATION ONLY.

Specialty Sessions (NATA Committees Only) 1.25 or 2 hours 1-3 Lecture Only SS Guidelines
Affiliate Sessions (NATA Affiliates Only) 1.25 or 2 hours 1-3 Lecture Only AS Guidelines
Affiliate Learning Lab
(NATA Affiliates Only)
2 hours 1 Lecturer/Lab Leader & 2nd Lab Leader 1-Hour Lecture & 1-Hour Lab (attendees split into two groups/labs) ALL Guidelines

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Read before submitting your proposal

  • Proposal topics must fall within one of the five domains of practice for athletic training. Detailed domain information can be found in the Board of Certification Role Delineation Study.
  1. Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection
  2. Clinical Evaluation & Diagnosis
  3. Immediate & Emergency Care
  4. Treatment & Rehabilitation
  5. Organization & Professional Health & Well -Being
  • All proposals must avoid the topics identified on the “Topics being Developed by the Convention Program Committee” list.
  • Proposal submissions must avoid any affiliation with a commercial product or service.
  • Proposals must adhere to the Meeting Honoraria/Expense Policy/Complimentary Registration Policy, as it will be strictly enforced.
  • Proposals must be complete and accurate with confirmed topic and list of speakers. Incomplete and/or late proposals will not be considered.
  • After July 16, 2014 the Convention Program Committee will only approve a speaker change if the original speaker is unable to attend the annual meeting.
  • Due to an increase in proposal submissions and size of the convention facilities, all proposals will not be accepted. In this situation, topics will be selected based on the organization of the program, equipment needs (where applicable), quality of content and speakers, and significance of the material to the NATA membership.
  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed

Proceed to Submission Area

The deadline for submission is July 16, 2014. Thank you.



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